Venus Versa TriBella Treatment is a 3 in 1 total facial therapy including IPL for redness/pigmented areas, skin resurfacing, and skin tightening. 


TriBella Treatment

This treatment consists of using three modalities that create one powerful treatment.


We do require you to book a consultation and patch test before your first treatment.  When purchasing a series the cost of the consultation will be refunded towards the purchase price.  The cost of the patch test is non-refundable.

Cost $425

Duration: 150 minutes

Series of 3 - $1020.00

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This treatment consists of using three modalities that create one powerful treatment.

To begin we use IPL that targets vascular concerns such as rosacea, redness, and broken capillaries, as well as pigmented spots such as age spots, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation from acne. IPL uses light energy that passes through the skin and penetrates into the lower layers which stimulate the production of new collagen to help with softening wrinkles, pores, and texture.

After we complete the IPL, we use our MP2 handpiece that helps with tightening the skin, reducing circumference, and softening wrinkles. This technology uses radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic energy that targets tissue to damage collagen-stimulating the body's healing response. The body begins to repair and produces new collagen. This treatment increases vascularity in the skin, which provides more oxygen to the skin to give you a fresh glowy appearance.  

After we complete our skin tightening, skin resurfacing is done. We use a non-surgical radiofrequency nano-fractional device that delivers targeted columns of energy to the tissue that damages existing collagen. With tiny pins placed onto the skin micro-wounds are created initiating the bodies healing process and accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue. This results in improved skin tone, texture, softening of fine lines, and acne scars. By creating micro-wounds you have a comfortable treatment with remarkable results and virtually no downtime compared to traditional resurfacing and ablative treatments.

How long is the treatment?

The total time for the treatment is booked for 1 and a half hours. You are required to book a consultation and have a patch test done for Skin Resurfacing 48 hours before being able to do a TriBella.


Is it safe?

Venus Versa TriBella is extremely safe, all of our estheticians doing the treatment are certified by Venus Concept and have gone through rigorous training. We do require a medical and health history form to be filled out prior to treatment during the consultation in order to give you the best treatment results and make sure you are an acceptable candidate for the treatment. Consultations and patch tests are required for all clients a minimum of 48 hours before the first treatment.


What are the side effects?

Side effects include some redness in the area, some minor swelling, and some warmth in the area.


Is it painful?

It’s a very tolerable procedure; for IPL a cooling crystal is integrated to assist in client comfort. Skin tightening creates a warm sensation which some compare to a hot stone massage, if the heat begins to become too much please let your esthetician know and we can adjust the settings. Skin Resurfacing is minimally painful, feeling close to a sunburn. During the treatment, you will feel the heat from the radio frequency


Am I a candidate for the Venus Versa TriBella treatment?

•Superficial metal or other implants in the treatment area.

•Current or history of cancer, or current condition of any type of cancer, or pre-malignant moles.

• Pregnant or nursing.

•Diseases which may be stimulated by light at the wavelengths used, such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Porphyria, and epilepsy.

•Patients with a history of diseases stimulated by heat: recurrent Herpes Simplex in the treatment area, may be treated only following a prophylactic regimen.

•Poorly controlled endocrine disorders: Diabetes or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

•Any active condition in the treatment area, such as sores, Psoriasis, eczema, and rash.

• History of skin disorders, keloids, abnormal wound healing

•Use of medications, herbs, food supplements, and vitamins known to induce photosensitivity to light exposure at the wavelength used: Isotretinoin (Accutane) within the last six months, Tetracyclines, or St. John’s Wort within the last two weeks.

•Any surgical procedure in the treatment area within the last three months or before complete healing.

•Treating over tattoo or permanent makeup.

•Excessively tanned skin from the sun, tanning beds, or tanning creams within the last two weeks.


•In case of Botox injection, natural fillers and/or implants in the treatment area, wait one month after the last injection


Post Care

  • Pigment IPL Treatments: Browning or darkening of the skin pigment, and purplish or black tints to a dark pigment, as well as crusting of the pigmented area over a few days, may all occur as part of normal post-treatment healing. Crusting will flake off, and while erythema and edema may also appear, these symptoms will resolve in 3 to 7 days.

  • Vascular Lesion IPL Treatments: Blanching, greying, or deep purple tinting or blackening of the vessel may occur over the course of a few days as the damaged tissue will be broken down and absorbed. This may last approximately 3 to 7 days.

  • Activity: Post-treatment discomfort is mild, and you may immediately return to your regular activities. You may experience mild heat emanating from the treated area. This is a normal part of the body’s natural healing response. Do not apply ice or cooling compresses.

  •  It is advised that you avoid hot baths, saunas, Jacuzzis, and pools for the first 2 days following treatment, as bacteria found in these environments could cause an infection. It is best to avoid applying ice or cooling compresses to the treated area, as the heat emanating from the skin is the body’s natural healing response. However, if you are experiencing extreme heat or discomfort, you may use cold compresses to soothe the area. Significant swelling and redness of the treated areas and untreated parts may occur following your procedure and will be maximal at 24 - 48 hours. To minimize swelling, keep your head elevated. It is not uncommon for clients to experience under-eye swelling for the first 1 to 2 days, but this swelling will subside. There will be redness and slight heat emanating from the treated area for the first 24 hours, akin to mild sunburn. It is unusual to experience severe or excessive pain; you should notify us if this occurs. Tiny scabs will usually be formed 24 - 72 hours post-treatment and may remain for several days. The scabs should not be touched or scratched even if they itch, and should be allowed to shed off naturally.


  • Moisturizer: Moisturizer may be applied 24 hours after each treatment. Moisturizers should then be applied regularly throughout the course of your treatment program.

  • Make-Up: After 24 hours, most patients are able to apply makeup to hide the pinkness of the skin. It is important that you remove all makeup that is applied to the skin at night. Do not sleep with makeup on the treated area.


After treatment and risks

After you have your treatment your skin will be photosensitive for a minimum of 48 hours. Sunlight MUST be avoided, failure to do so will result in redness, swelling, and may increase the risk of blisters, scarring, or pigment changes. We do a patch test for all clients at a minimum of 48 hours before initial treatment. This is to reduce complications from unsuitable candidates. Tanning is not allowed, regardless of fake tan, tan from the sun or tanning beds. You must allow 2-6 weeks depending on a tan before you may start the treatment. Bruising may happen but fades within a few days, redness and swelling of the skin may happen lasting one to two hours.

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