General FAQ'S

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How long does your hair have to be for waxing?

We recommend 3/4 of an inch for most areas. Upper lip and eyebrows can be shorter.

What type of wax do you use?

We use hard wax on the face, underarms and Brazilian because of the sensitive skin in these areas. Hard wax adheres to the hair and not the skin, making in gentler on the skin. We use a cream based soft wax for the rest of the body.

What facial products do we use?

We use Dr. Spiller, a German Line and one of the leading European lines. Within the line there is different series which provide skin care to all skin types. We have the Alpenraush line which caters to sensitive, reactive and immunocompromised skin. Our Men's Line is great as their products cater to men's specific needs. The Problem Solver line has some amazing products for acne, pigmentation, couperose, and aging skin.

Can we submit esthetic services to 3rd party insurance?

No we can not do that. Insurance does not cover esthetic services. Currently the only services that can be submitted to extended health care providers theraputic massages, chiropratic care, acupuncture, orthotics and physiotherapy.

Does Five Senses offer aromatherapy massages?

We have a variety of essential oils that can be added to your massage for an additional cost.

What is different about a pregnancy massage?

Prenatal massage uses positoning that makes the massage more comfortable and techniques that are safe and effective in addressing pain and tension throughout the pregnancy.

Do we have daily specials or promotions?

Yes we have many promotions which are fully outlined here on our website throughout the year we have holiday promotions and packages available.

Are your estheticians experienced?

All of our estheticians have graduated from college and continue to further their education with treatment courses.

Are the massage therapists registered?

Yes all of our staff Massage Therapy treatments (RMT Massages) are done by Registered Massage Therapists.

Do you reuse your tools?

For manicures and pedicures, we use a new nail file, buffer, cuticle stick, foot paddle stickers and even new nail polish brushes, which insures no cross contamination. For each micodermabrasion we use a new tip for each client with is labeled and filed away in it's own compartment, and sterilized before each use. For microblading we use new sterile blades for each client, we properly wrap anything we may come in contact with. We sterilize all metal tools after each use. Your health is our highest priority.

Do you have a couples room?

Yes we have 3 couples treatment rooms. And for those men you are not sure they want to sit in the main mani/pedi area to have their feet and hands taken care of, we have just added a couples manicure/pedicure room for private treatments.

Do you offer direct billing?

All treatments must be paid for at time of service. Clients are advised to check with their insurance provider as some do require a physicians referral. Also it is advisable to check to see what their per-vist maximum is and what their yearly maximum is. As we go through a third party portal, it will take an extra 10 - 14 business days for you to receive your money from the insurance company, also if there are any issues with the claim we can not investigate on your behalf as it is a privacy issue. We do advise that you submit on your own as most companies now have an app for that and you receive your reimbursement within 48 hours. We always will issue you with a signed receipt for insurable services.

Which pedicure would you recommend?

We have a few different pedicure options, it depends on which type of treatment you are looking for. If you are looking for mantenance between pedicures, cuticle and callus work then a natural pedicure is a great option for you. If you would like polish, a luxurious scrub and hot stone massage then our Bliss Pedicure is the best. Eanting to really treat yourself? Try our Signature Pedicure with paraffin and leg massage, or to really go over the top try our Tea Tree Oil or Morrocan Pedicure which is 75 minutes of relaxation.

Which facial would you recommend?

If it's your first time receiving a facial we would recommend booking a complementary consulation and a Signature facial. We can properly analyse your skin and go over your skin care goals. If needed we can change the facial to properly treat your skin based on our analysis.

Do I need to shave if I am coming in for laser hair removal.

Shaving isn't necessary but you can do so if you like. We always check the area to make sure there's no hair and shave if needed. Please avoid waxing, tweezing, epilating or using hair removal creams between treatments or 4 weeks prior.

As a man coming in for a facial, can I shave that morning?

We advise you don't shave 24 hours before your facial. When you shave and then get a facial your skin can become easily irritated. If you have facial hair you can still get a facial without any worries.

Can I use a gift card or gift certificate amount towards RMT massages?

Gift cards and gift certificates can be redeemed for RMT massages, however an insurance receipt will not be issued due to insurance regulations.

What exactly is a RMT massage?

RMT massages are therapeutic treatments provided by a Registered Massage Therapist, that assess your indivdual needs. Your appointment will include a review of your health history, reason for treatment, assessment, treatment time on the table, review of stretches and remedial exercise or home care.

Mon to Fri open 9:30am-8:00pm

Sat to Sun open 9:30am-6:00pm

Closed on all Statutory Holidays

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