Laser Hair Removal


In order for your treatment to be successful, it is important to follow these instructions.

Instructions for Laser Hair Removal

  • Use ice packs at home the evening of your treatment

  • Do not rub, or pick the treated area. Do not use any loofahs or abrasive scrubs 

  • Avoid hot baths and hot showers

  • Avoid direct sun exposure (inc tanning beds) the day of treatment

  • Apply sunblock to the treatment site at all times and continue to use sunblock for the duration of your treatment

  • If you experience blistering apply antibiotic cream to help avoid further inflammation

  • Do not apply any perfumes, deodorant, or make-up to the desired area the day of your treatment. or creams

  • No deodorant for 24 to 48 hours if underarm was treated.

  • Immediately after your treatment there likely will be some slight redness, swelling around the hair follicles and mild discomfort similar to a sunburn

  • You may also notice during and immediately after your session the smell of burnt hair. This is normal.

  • After your treatment, the hair may appear to grow for up to two weeks. This is simply the treated hair being shed from the follicle and is not new growth.

  • Shaving is recommended between sessions and is recommended the day prior to your next appointment.

  • Electrolysis, waxing, threading, tweezing or plucking is to be avoided between sessions, however, shaving is encouraged.

  • Please stay on the recommended schedule to better optimize results.



  • Avoid exfoliating agents like Retin-A, alpha or beta hydroxy acids, toners, or any irritating creams for one week prior.

  • Those who are on Accutane should not undergo laser hair removal. Laser hair removal should be postponed a minimum of 6 months after Accutane therapy is completed.

  • NO laser treatment is permitted during pregnancy.


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