Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that has the appearance of eyebrow hairs to reconstruct or define your eyebrows.

Eyebrows show expression and frame our eyes.  Many of us lose some eyebrow definition and bulk through medical conditions or natural loss. Microblading can fill in gaps, define brows and reconstruct missing brows.  For a more natural look, we recommend having yearly touch-ups.

Our Certified Esthetician will ask you about your brow shape preference and colour.  A medical history will be taken and then post-care discussed. The skin is cleaned, pictures taken and the measurements are marked and taken with a grease pencil.  Three areas of the brown are marked off with ink and thread.
Eyebrows are defined with a grease pencil.  You then review shape and any required adjustments are made.  Eyebrows are trimmed and tweezed.
Eyebrows are outlined with a surgical pen, numbing cream is applied.  Two colour choices are placed near your hair line.  You and our Certified Esthetician will review and decide on colour.  It is important to remember that it always looks a little darker then what the final outcome will be in 10 days time.

If you have had previous microblading or permanent makeup tattooing done, a consultation is required before treatment is booked.

Complimentary Microblading Consultation

Book your private complimentary consultation with one of our Aestheticians. Sit down and discuss if microblading is for you. Allergy tests for pigment and numbing agents can be done for microblading if there are any concerns.


Cost $25

Duration 15 minutes

Microblading Treatment

Using a disposable blade we can create hair strokes with pigment to help rebuild brows.  Ideal for those who have alopecia, have had cancer, loss of hair from age and genetics or just wanted to perfect their eyebrows.  This treatment also includes one colour refresher done within 4 - 6 week period.


Cost $375

Duration 120 minutes

Microblading Colour Refresher

This touch-up appointment is for those that have received microblading with us, to help refresh colour, add to any faded areas and make the eyebrows brand new.  If you have not had your microblading done at Five Senses, there may be an additional fee for the touch-up.


Cost $125

Duration 90 minutes

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 Our Certified Esthetician will begin the process of microblading small strokes to emulate natural eyebrow hairs, using a sterile new blade and natural pigment.  After a few strokes, the pigment is left on for 3-5 minutes, the area is wiped clean, numbing drops applied and the process is repeated.  
When eyebrows are finished, the area is cleaned and you can look a the finished effect.  Touch-ups can be made at this time.  Pictures are then taken. Aftercare instructions are reviewed with you and a gift of aftercare product is yours to take home.  A follow-up appointment will be made for your one month touch up, which is included in the price of your initial microblading session.  
The next couple of days your brows will look very dark - don't worry - this is natural and as brows heal they will look more natural.  
Now enjoy the compliments you will receive!

Microblading Notes:

Everyone heals differently and retains pigment differently so it is imperative to follow all the aftercare instructions and come in for your 4-week touch-up appointment. At the 4 week mark, we can see how you heal, how the pigment stays in your skin, fill in any gaps, and finalize the look of your eyebrows. This is a two-step process, without the touch up visit the desired results can’t be obtained.


Before your procedure please make sure not to wax ONE week before the date, no blood thinners for at least 48 hours prior. No botox or injectables in forehead/eyebrow area 2 months prior, no chemical peels, laser treatments or IPL 2 weeks prior.


When you come in you will be given a consultation form to go over any health issues that we need to know. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, take immunosuppressants, are on blood thinners, psoriasis, eczema, have a history of keloid scarring you are not a good candidate for microblading.


If you have very large pores and/or oily/acneic skin we cannot perform microblading on you as people with oily skin don’t heal well with microblading. The oils tend to push the pigment out resulting in zero pigments left in the skin.


Microblading Aftercare:

  • Do NOT put makeup on the area for at least 10 days. After 10 days, use clean tools to apply makeup.

  • Once healed, you can apply SPF 30 to the area to help prevent fading.

  • When taking a shower apply oil to eyebrows before, and tilt head to avoid water getting onto your eyebrows.

  • Avoid touching the treated area while it is healing. After Inked may be applied once hands are clean with a clean q-tip or cotton pad.

  • Do not drink alcohol or take aspirin for at least 48 hours after.

  • Avoid doing household cleaning for 48 hours after, as dirt and debris can irritate the skin.

  • Itching and flakiness are normal and usually subside within 7-10 days.

  • Do NOT pick, rub, peel, or manipulate the scars of the treated area as this will lead to loss of pigment.

  • Avoid any creams containing glycolic, or Retin A on the affected area.

  • Avoid saunas, hot tubs, pools, Jacuzzi, sun tanning beds, and tanning outdoors for 14 days.

  • Avoid going to the gym for at least 72 hours after treatment, increased sweating can limit ideal healing

  • After treatment in 3 hours wash lightly with damp q-tips, repeat during days 1-4.

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