Stretch Mark Camouflage

Everyone has them, but we can "erase" them

​Stretchmarks are a common occurrence for many people.

Pregnancy, growth, weight loss can all contribute to them

We know how having them can affect your confidence and want to help you feel like the gorgeous person you are!

Stretch Mark camouflage is for men and woman alike. We match your skin tone to blend in the stretch marks, which can usually take 2-4 sessions. A tattoo machine and pigments are used to create the look of flawless skin.

Paramedical Camouflage tattoos use skin tone pigment that matches your skin tone to provide a seamless look. A machine is used to implant the pigment into the skin to camouflage the area of concern.

Camouflage tattoo can last on average 5-10 years before a touch up, like traditional tattoos they can fade over time.  

SPF must be worn to protect the tattoo area.

Pigments will be customized for each client to match your skin and give you the most natural results.

Depending on location of treatment area we can add hair strokes, follicle marks, darker colour for birth marks and freckles to make the area smooth and beautiful!

We require a 50% deposit to book an appointment and a 48 hour cancellation notice. You must be 18 years or older.  

Complimentary Consultation provided to discuss treatment options.



  • Stretch marks should be 1 year old or white in colouring

  • If area is purple or pink we may not be able to perform treatment

  • If you have a history of keloid scarring we may not be able to perform treatment

  • Skin should be unexposed to sun for 6 weeks

Post Treatment

  • ​Do not pick, touch or disturb the area.

  • A thin layer of ointment 2-3x a day and always before showering, bathing or bedtime

  • No Sauna's, steam room, baths, hot yoga or excessive sweating for a minimum of 7 days. Swimming in pools needs to avoided for 2 weeks.

  • No direct sunlight or tanning beds 6 weeks post

  • 25%-40% of pigment will fade within the healing phase during the first 5-10 days. Even if the area appears healed it won't be fully healed for 4-6 weeks.

  • Tegaderm Bandages can be worn for up to 1 week, however submerging in water must be avoided.

  • Swelling is rare but could indicate an allergic reaction. Contact your doctor if this occurs

  • SPF must be worn once treatment area is healed

  • Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or AHA's can contribute to fading

  • Lasers should be avoided on affected area

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