Wedding Packages

Services in packages are not done all on the same day but will be booked for optimum results.  These packages include lunch and of course our complimentary beverages.

At Five Senses we are here to help you with your spa wedding plans. Come in for a tour of our facilities and discuss options with our staff.


Five Senses knows that wedding planning is stressful! We are here to help you plan and bring out your inner beauty.


This isn't just about which nail polish you are going to choose or how your groom's hands look, but the overall care of your skin, RMT massages to help ease those tensed muscles and general relaxation.


No need to pick sides here - all our packages include lunch and are designed to treat you, your Fiancé and everyone in your wedding party.


What & When to Schedule

  • 6 months - Wedding Day Treatments

  • 3 months - Bride & Groom Facials

  • 2 months - Bride & Groom Natural Mani/Pedi's

  • 2 months - Initial Back Facial if planning on a backless gown.

  • 2 months - Make-Up Consultation

  • 1 month - Injectable Consultation Botox, Lip Plumping

  • 7 days before the wedding - Facials, Back Facials & RMT Massages

  • 2 days before the wedding - Manicure & Pedicures, Body Treatments & Waxing


Wedding Spa I Do's

  • Do prioritize all your wellness and beauty needs.

  • Do schedule facials and skincare 3 months before, to get your desired results.

  • Do try to destress and maintain your skincare, schedule body scrubs, and RMT massages.

  • Do book a back facial if you are planning on having a backless gown.

  • Do try various polish shades weeks before your wedding to get the right one.

  • Do bring your Fiancé in for some pre-care as well and enjoy some quiet time together.

Wedding Spa I Don'ts

  • Don't get a facial the day before your wedding. Facials draw out impurities from the skin which can cause redness and breakouts.

  • Don't wax the day of your wedding as it can also cause some irritation, schedule 2 or 3 days before the wedding.

  • Don't forget the Groom!  Remember you are going to be photographed all day and night, you want both your hands and faces to be at their best, and toes if you are having a destination bare feet in the sand type of wedding.

  • Don't stress about your spa day, we have the staff and services to make your day special.

Wedding Classic

You could purchase a trinket for your Bridal Team... or you can book this package and creat memories from the experience.  Come in and enjoy lunch and a facial one week before the wedding and the two days beforehand get your manicure and pedicure done.  You end up with two great days and lots of pictures and memories!

Five Senses Signature Facial

Five Senses Signature Manicure

Five Senses Signature Pedicure


Cost $135 per person

Duration 3.25 hours + Lunch


Wedding Deluxe

Planning the wedding and running around making sure all will be well is stressful.  Help relieve some of your stress by getting an RMT massage and facial one week before the wedding.  Then come in and enjoy lunch two days before the wedding and get your manicure and pedicure done.  A perfect package for Bride & Groom.


RMT 60 Minute Massage

Five Senses Signature Facial

Five Senses Signature Manicure

Five Senses Signature Pedicure


Cost $215 per person

Duration 4.25 hours + Lunch



Wedding Ultimate

This package it the ultimate in relaxation.  Come in one week before your wedding and relieve some of your stress with your RMT Massage and Signature Facial.  Two days later come in and have the Rahima Body Experience, which will help nourish your skin and give you that natural glow.  Two days before the wedding come in and get your manicure and pedicure done.  Have lunch any one of your days.  


RMT 60 Minute Massage

The Rahima Body Experience

Five Senses Signature Facial

Five Senses Signature Manicure

Five Senses Signature Pedicure



Cost $295 per person

Duration 5,25 hours + Lunch



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