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Men's Manicures

Real men do look after their hands.  Let us improve the look and feel of your hands by cleaning, strengthening, and shaping your nails and caring for your hands.

Disposable Manicure Bowl

Five Senses is a leader in safety and wellness for our clients!

​Five Senses is now using disposable bowls for our manicures. These bowls are one-time use and don't clutter up our landfill as they are recyclable. Chairs, tables, stations, and tools are still sterilized between each client to ensure proper health and safety for our clients. We are excited to be using the best protection measures available in the industry to date.

Men's Express Manicure

Great for a quick clean up!

Our Express Manicure treats the hands by soaking, filing and removing dead cuticles and hangnails. A nourishing cream is applied to the hands, and clear polish is applied if desired.

Duration / Cost

20 min / $36

Men's Manicure

Make a great impression with tidy nails.

Start with a warm hand soak to pamper the skin, filing, and buffing of the nails is done. Cuticles are treated and a hand exfoliation is done to prepare the skin for lotion. A hand and arm massage is done to fully relax tired hands.

Duration / Cost

30 min / $48

Men's Signature Manicure

A bit of extra pampering doesn't hurt anyone.

This decadent hand treatment starts with nail care and cuticle work, a forearm and hand exfoliation is performed. Using lotion your hands and forearms are treated to some much-needed relaxation from overworked hands. A paraffin treatment is applied to the hands to soothe and revitalize. After this treatment, your hands will feel pampered and brand new.

Duration / Cost

45 min / $53

Junior Dude Manicure

Perfect for the younger Dudes in the family!

Junior Dude Manicures are for those under the age of 13. Hands are soaked, cuticles are pushed back, nails are filed and buffed.  A light massage is done to pamper and an application of clear polish is done , but of course colours are available from our wide selection of nail polishes.

Duration / Cost

20 min / $28

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