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The Men's Grooming Room

Men - it's time to get your "Groom" on!
Five Senses offers various treatments tailored specifically to men.  You don't have to be Metro to partake in treatments, you work hard and should indulge in time for yourself. Besides after a treatment or two, you will wish you started earlier. 
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Our estheticians have all graduated from college courses and completed additional in-house training.  We use disposable brushes and tools when possible to enhance your experience. Service is done in your own private room.


A pedicure is done to improve the look and feel of the skin and nails on the feet by removing callus and dry skin, also cleaning, strengthening, making sure nails are an appropriate length. Service is done in a private room.



A facial is a skin treatment that cleanses pores and exfoliates away dead skin cells while treating common skin concerns.  We custom each one of our many facials to your skin type and area of concern, including beards.


Body Treatments

Body treatments are done to remove dead skin build-up, as well as purifying, heal, relax and revitalize the skin depending on the chosen treatment. 


Brows & Beards

Tinting will help darken hairs you already have to even them out or to match your hair colour giving you a more youthful appearance.  



Professional hard & soft waxing. Browse our full line of waxing services, from head to toe we wax in a safe environment and never double dip!

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of waxing? Safely and effectively remove unwanted hair with Venus Epileve safe for all skin tones to permanently reduce hair. 

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