Men's Face & Body

All Five Senses facials and body treatments for men are customized to address male skin concerns and are tailored to meet these needs.  Please avoid shaving the day of service.


Men's Express Facial

Please avoid shaving the day of treatment.

Our Express Facial is an introduction to our other facials and to help maintain the skin between other facials.  We start with a consultation and analyze the skin to see which facial is recommended for your current skin concerns and needs.  We deeply cleanse the skin and perform a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.  A mask is applied to purify, hydrate and keep skin balanced.  A moisturizer is applied to protect your skin. Please avoid shaving the day of treatment.

Cost $48

Duration 30 minutes

Men's Beard Facial

This is our newest men's facial! Please do not shave exposed facial skin the day of treatement.

Catered to the specific concerns of men with beards to help deeply clean and nourish the skin under the beard. We start with a Foaming Cleansing that is able to penetrate below the hair to remove excess oil, and exfoliation is done to remove dead skin cell build-up and prevent dry skin under the beard. Extractions are done to remove blackheads, however, depending on how condensed your beard is we may not be able to extract in that area. Using a high-frequency comb to go through the beard, it helps prevent itchy dry skin under the beard, helps with hair growth, improves circulation, and helps fight bacteria in the beard. A facial massage is done with oil to nourish your hair and relax your face. A lovely anti-aging mask is used while a hand and arm massage is done. To finish a moisturizer is applied and oil is used to groom and keep your beard happy and healthy.

Cost $82

Duration 60 minutes

Gentlemens Facial

Please avoid shaving day of treatment.

Our Five Senses Gentlemen's Facial is geared towards men's skin needs to help repair and nourish the skin.  Skin is cleansed thoroughly while protecting the PH level of the skin, to help combat the drying effect shaving can have. Steaming, exfoliation and extractions are performed if needed, and a mask is applied to the skin.  This mask is essential in combating damage to the skin from shaving, lack of skincare, pollution and free radical damage.  Please avoid shaving the day of treatment.


Cost $82

Duration 60 minutes

Men's Microdermabrasion Treatments

Please avoid shaving the day of treatment.

Our Microdermabrasion treatments are more abrasive in nature and are geared for more targeted areas of concern such as superficial hyperpigmentation, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, helps minimize enlarged pores, shallow scarring, pigmentation and reveals glowing skin as the deeper exfoliation helps to even out the skin tone.  A mask is applied to balance and protect the skin.  A moisturizer is then applied to help with the cellular metabolism and regeneration.  Please avoid shaving the day of treatment.


30 Min/$64 Single Session       Series 4 x 30 Min/$215    Series 8 x 30 Min/$380

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Whiskey & Leather Body Scrub

Please ensure you bring bathing suit bottoms to wear during the treatment.

Our Whiskey & Leather Body scrub comes with a salt scrub from foot to neck, and beautiful whipped body butter after. To start we begin with a scrub using our Frosting Salt Scrub filled with beautifully hydrating ingredients.

Our Whipped Body Butter is full of hydrating and rich ingredients to keep your skin soft, supple, and glowing after your treatment. The fragrance in this treatment is delicate & savoury. Perfect for any man looking to treat himself to an indulgent body scrub.


Cost $55

Duration 30 minutes


Men's Back Facial

Please ensure you bring bathing suit bottoms to wear during the treatment.

Our Five Senses Back Facial is the perfect deep cleansing to properly unclog pores and remove dead skin. During this treatment we cleanse and exfoliate the skin to remove any dead skin cells, steam is used to open the pores and facilitate in extractions to clean out the pores.  A mask is then used to remove any excess sebum and remove impurities.  Men are encouraged to bring an extra pair of boxers or swimming bottoms for the treatment.


Cost $65

Duration 30 minutes


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