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Spa Etiquette

We would like everyone to enjoy their experience.  Here is some information and basic spa etiquette and tips to help your experience the best that it can be for you and other guests.
Sanitizing Surfaces


At Five Senses we have always valued your health, we pride ourselves on being clean and sanitary, and we take hygiene and sanitation very seriously, and often surpass health board requirements.

We have implemented new protocols for team members and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic and more information is in our e-brochure.

Vintage Cars


Plan your visit with some extra time to allow a smooth check-in during the pandemic. 


You are able to relax before your treatment in our "Muskoka Lounge".  In order to accommodate social distancing, we have staggered appointment times so the lounge area will not be crowded during peak service days.


If you have not already filled out your health history form online at home, you can do so before your appointment at the spa - please allow extra time before your appointment to do this as it is required to be filled out before your treatment. 

Fashion Rail


Always a dilemma...but not at Five Senses.  We always want you to be comfortable.*

If you prefer to remain partially clothed during a massage, then underwear is acceptable.  Therapists leave the room while you disrobe, and are well experienced in guarding your modesty with skillful draping techniques during your service.

You will want comfortable clothes that move with you if you are coming in for chiropractic, physiotherapy, and acupuncture treatments.

Just dropping in for a pedicure?  Don't forget to bring your flip flops or open-toe shoes so you don't scuff up your toe polish.

*Until further notice, a mask is mandatory at all times while you are at the spa, including during your treatments.


Balloon Dogs


Five Senses knows that gender is a concern, for some clients.  Be sure to clearly state your preference at time of booking.  


Bear in mind that at certain peak times or for a particular treatment, your choice of therapist may be very limited.  



Please remember to check local traffic.  If you are running late, then please contact us.  If we can accommodate moving your appointment to a later time then we will do so.

If we can't, then arriving late will simply limit the time of your treatment and your service will be adjusted to fit the time available so that the next guest will not be delayed.  The full value of your treatment will be charged. 

Using a Touch Phone


Please turn off your ringer on all electronic devices.

We understand that while you are in reception and the lounge you may want to utilize your electronic devices, turning off the ringer is a courtesy so there no interruption or distractions for others.

Quiet conversation is acceptable in areas of the spa unless otherwise indicated.

*Please note that wi-fi is not available.



Although we are trained and are equipped with a number of useful and practical skills, mind reading is not one of them!

You can improve your experience by simply giving a few minutes of thought to your service in advance so you can inform your therapist.  Mention areas of the body that need special attention, any injury, or aches and pains.  Think about how you would like to feel as a massage can be therapeutic, rejuvenating or relaxing.

If you are too hot or cold or if anything is causing pain or discomfort, even if it's right in the middle of the massage or treatment, then speak up, as this can lead to further pain and dissatisfaction with your experience.

Therapy Session


All of our medical staff, doctors, registered massage therapists, and our estheticians have spent years in training to provide service to their clients, so as to not cause you any harm.

You may be asked to complete a private questionnaire that assists the spa to ensure that any services you will receive will not negatively or dangerously impact existing health conditions, medication or other circumstances, known only to you.  These questionnaires are confidential and are often required by law or by your insurance company, so please complete candidly and honestly.

Children's Storybooks


Guests under the age of 16 when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian can receive treatments and nail care.

Any child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during treatments, and should also be aware of other clients in the same area who are enjoying some quiet time during their treatments


Your therapist is a nurturing, trained professional, with your welfare in mind. Through questions and experience, he or she will inform themselves about you and any areas of concern and will then identify any additional areas that may require attention.


Any recommendations for additional services or home care are intended to help you maintain or improve upon the results you see after your treatment, until your next appointment.



Tipping is discretionary, not obligatory. 


If you enjoyed your treatment or service then a tip is certainly appreciated. 


Any tip you leave on your payment method is given to the staff member in full.  If you choose to leave a cash tip it is recorded and given to the staff member  in full.


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