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Meditating in Nature


 With our integrated team of health professionals we have the expertise, training, tools, and products to guide you towards your goals of pain relief and rehabilitation for the present and future. We will be part of your team to help you reach your long-term goals.
Back Massage

RMT Massages

Our Registered Massage Therapists can assess and treat specific concerns, injuries and issues, as well as provide relaxation and stress-relief. Treatments are tailored to each client's specific needs.


Chiropractor Care

A complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are held to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs.


Medical acupuncture (insertion of fine needles into certain points across the body), typically follows a diagnosis of a mechanical disorder of the muscles and joints. The most common reason to try medical acupuncture is for pain relief.

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Athletic Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape is used to support and relieve pain in muscles, joints, and/or ligaments. It reduces swelling, increases mobility and enhances recovery.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow in your legs and improve blood flow to the heart. At the same time, it supports your veins and decreases swelling.



Custom orthotics can be helpful for bursitis, calluses beneath bony prominences and ulcers. They can also help the foot function better in the case of hypermobility seen in tendonitis, fasciitis and other mechanically derived conditions. 

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