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All facial, underarm, Brazilian, and bikini waxing is done by using hard wax which is

gentle on the skin, making it ideal for these sensitive areas. We never double-dip.


We use a cream-based soft wax for the body only one applicator use per person,

we throw away the used applicator at the end of the service.


No Double Dipping Allowed!

Show off your gorgeous face by removing unwanted facial hair. Our hard wax is ultra-gentle and perfect for even the most sensitive of skin.

Body Part / Price

Eyebrows $15

Cheeks & Sideburns $25

Upper Lip $15

Chin $15

Full Face $55

Nose $13

Upper Body

A new wax applicator used for every client, every time.

No more stubble or shadows. Be carefree by being hair-free! Let our trained estheticians give you smooth hair-free skin using our gentle cream based wax.

Body Part / Price

Underarms $22

Stomach & Chest $46

Arms $45

Half Arms $38

Back $47

Half Back $27

Bikini / Brazilian / Buttocks

No Double Dipping Allowed!

Why shave every few days? Waxing thins hair out, reduces ingrown hairs, reduces skin irritation and doesn't leave stubble. Hard wax adheres to the hair, not the skin making waxing your intimate areas as comfortable as possible.

Body Part / Price

Bikini $38

Buttocks $32

Brazilian $60

Butt Crack $20

Treasure Trail $15

Lower Body

A new wax applicator used for every client, every time.

Smooth as silk and just as sexy. Happiness is a fresh leg wax. Smooth, silky, and hair-free? Yes please!