Using an Evolution 5 RF Machine we can safely remove unwanted hairs,
including grey or white hairs.

Electrolysis Treatment 15

Suitable for most people looking to treat one area of the body or face. We recommend booking a complementary consultation as well during your first visit.

Duration / Cost

15 min / $29

Electrolysis Treatment 30

Ideal for those needing to treat one or two areas of the face or body.

Duration / Cost

30 min / $44

Electrolysis Treatment 45

If you are looking to treat a few areas and few different concerns this treatment is perfect.

Duration / Cost

45 min / $59

Electrolysis Treatment 60

Perfect for those needing multiple areas, and multiple types of concerns.

Duration / Cost

60 min / $74

Additional Information You Should Know

  • The area that was treated must be kept clean to avoid any infection. Avoid touching the area with unwashed hands for at least 24 hours.

  • Do not pick, touch, manipulate or aggravate the area, you are risking infection and scarring.

  • For the next 24 hours after treatment avoid any harsh soaps or cleansers in the area, including anything with acids.

  • A burning sensation or swelling may occur if this happens, apply ice.

  • Tiny scabs or crusting is a side effect and appears within 24 - 48 hours, do not pick the area, the skin is healing underneath and you risk scarring. They will fall off on their own within a week, you can apply Polysporin to aid in healing.

  • The area may appear red or swollen, this usually disappears within an hour or so, ice can help calm down the skin. Polysporin, aloe gel, calamine lotion, or vitamin e. Avoid using heavy, greasy creams as they may increase the heat on the skin.

  • DO NOT wax, tweeze, or thread throughout the treatment course. You may shave or trim as much or as little as you would like. Please leave the hair long enough that the technician can see the hair. ​​

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a permanent form of hair removal, it uses a fine needle inserted into each hair follicle and an electrical current is applied to the follicle root, the root is destroyed preventing new hair to grow. We use a machine called the Evolution 5 to do electrolysis, it is one of the most up to date machines on the market, which combines traditional electrolysis and thermolysis. Thermolysis uses high frequency instead of galvanic to remove hair. Depending on the area of the body, and texture of hair will depend on which frequency we use to treat. This method of hair removal is permanent because it will coagulate the papilla (hair bulb) when the bulb is destroyed new hair cannot grow back. The great thing with electrolysis is that it doesn’t matter what colour or texture the hair is. We can treat grey, blonde, red, and dark hair, as well as the finest to thickest hair. Most areas of the body can be treated, most popular include chin, upper and under lip, eyebrows, ears, and underarms. The only area we cannot treat is inside the nose, or inside the ears.

Is Electrolysis safe?

Yes, our equipment is automatically controlled meaning the skin won’t be over-exposed, we use disposables needles for each session, and dispose of them in a sharps container. We analyze the skin, before, during, and after every visit to ensure your skin is taken care of. Five Senses has the right to stop or refuse service at any point.

How many sessions will I need?

The session amount depends on the area being treated, the amount of hair, and the length of sessions. For the majority of people, you can expect to do electrolysis for 1-2 years. The first few weeks would be more concentrated, and as you see hair growth you can come in to remove hairs that appear. Hair grows in three stages, in order to have a successful removal, your hair will need to be in the first stage anagen with the bulb intact. For this reason, multiple sessions are needed in order to guarantee success. If you have tweezed or waxed in the past you may have distorted follicles, we can still treat you however you may need more sessions depending on how the follicle is distorted in your skin.

What are the side effects?

Most people will have mild-moderate side effects from the treatment depending on skin sensitivity. The main one is redness, mild irritation, and erythema which can last a few minutes to a few hours. Welts can happen as well, they will fade away on their own, bruising can occur if you tend to bruise easily. Crusting and scabbing are common and can take up to 48 hours to show, if this happens, apply Polysporin, and wear SPF.

Is it painful?

With any hair removal procedure, you will feel some discomfort or pain depending on your pain tolerance. We always recommend doing a 15-minute session to start to see how you feel. Please stay hydrated before your treatment, this will allow the needle to be easily inserted into the follicle. You can apply moisturizer as well for a few days before treatment to allow the skin to be hydrated and nourished. You will not feel the needle being inserted into the follicle; you may feel the heat or chemical reaction in the follicle, however, i.t is advised for women to avoid coming 1 week prior, and the week of their menstrual cycle as you may feel more pain or tenderness. When we start each session, we will evaluate your skin and pain tolerance. We can lower the intensity to make you as comfortable as possible. Please do not apply any topical numbing agent to the skin, as it is imperative that you feel sensations to make this a safe treatment. Please do not take aspirin to help with pain as this can thin the blood and we won’t be able to do the treatment.

Will all the hair be gone after one treatment?

Hair grows in three different cycles, which is why multiple treatments are needed. You can always wax or shave the area and come in after you start to see hair growth to make sure we get the hair in the correct phase.

I’m afraid of needles, could I get this treatment?

Although we do use a needle to perform the treatment the skin isn’t being punctured or pierced, the needle is the size of your hair so it slips easily into the follicle. The majority of people who are scared of giving blood or needles can receive this treatment without any issues.

Should I shave the hair?

No! In order to have electrolysis we need hair growth long enough to tweeze, if you are unsure if it’s too long you can leave it and we can trim if needed.

Can I bring someone with me?

If you are under 18 a parent or guardian is allowed only, no friends. Above the age of 18 no one is permitted in the room unless it’s due to a medical condition.

Can I use numbing cream?

Numbing creams can sometimes thin the skin, and interfere with the process, so we ask you do not use these for safety concerns.

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change any single service appointment and 48 hours notice for multiple same-day service appointments.  If the required notice is not given, or the client does not show up for their appointment, the client may not be re-booked unless they prepay their appointments until Five Senses deems prepayment is not required.

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