Men's Foot Services

A Foot Service (pedicure) is done to improve the look and feel of the skin and nails on the feet by removing callus and dry skin, also cleaning, strengthening, making sure nails are at the appropriate length.


As Five Senses continues the journey into wellness and providing our clients with the best, we are now using disposable liners for our pedicure station. These liners are one-time use and don't clutter up our landfill as they are recyclable. The chairs and stations are still sterilized between each client to ensure proper health and safety for our clients. We are excited to be using the best protection measures available in the industry to date.

Diabetic Clients

We understand many people have concerns surrounding being diabetic and receiving pedicures. We always make sure to ask our clients if they are diabetic before starting a manicure or pedicure. A treatment can still be performed with slight modifications. Cuticles will be pushed back gently as to not cause micro tears in the skin, buffing will be done to remove excess cuticles instead of trimming with cuticle nippers. We analyze the foot more in depth as well to check for any abnormalities caused from diabetes.

Our Estheticians have been thoroughly trained to perform pedicure treatments safely on clients with many health concerns. If there is a specific health concern you have let us know and we can modify treatments to suit your needs.

Men's Natural Foot Service

Our Natural Foot Service begins with soaking the feet, pushing cuticles and removing excess and dead cuticles.  Nails are properly shaped to prevent ingrown nails.  Callus is removed from the feet using a non-reusable paddle.  A moisturizer is applied to help heal cracked heels and hydrate dry skin.  Clear coat is applied if desired.

Cost $38

Duration 30 minutes

Men's Five Senses Foot Service

Our Five Senses Foot Service starts with a foot soak to destress and soothe tired feet.  Cuticles are pushed back and dead cuticles are removed.  Nails are shaped and buffed to prevent ingrown and trauma to the nails.  Callus is removed using a non-reusable paddle, followed by an exfoliation of the foot.  A light massage is done using hot stones to promote further relaxation and keep the skin hydrated.

Cost $50

Duration 45 minutes

Men's Five Senses Signature Foot Service

Our Five Senses Signature Foot Service is the perfect way to pamper and treat tired, sore feet.  Feet are soaked, cuticles are pushed back and dead cuticles are removed.  Nails are buffed, filed and callus is removed. Exfoliation is extended up to the knee, and a hot stone massage is performed.  Paraffin is applied to the feet to help further relax and hydrate the skin.  Clear coat is applied if desired.

Cost $55

Duration 60 minutes



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Warm Paraffin Wax
Warm paraffin wax is applied
to soothe dry and tired feet.


Mon to Fri open 9:30am-8:00pm

Sat to Sun open 9:30am-6:00pm

Closed on all Statutory Holidays

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