Image by Katherine Hanlon

Body Treatments

Indulge in a body treatment, to relax, restore and revitalize you and your skin.
We suggest you treat yourself once a season to get rid of the old and moisturize the new!

Sugar Body Glow

Suitable for all skin types.

Our vegan and Certified Organic sugar body scrub with a delightful aroma of Chinese Jasmine will leave your skin radiant and serve as a treat for your senses! After we slough off all the dead skin, we apply a body oil full of vitamins and essential fatty acids, with a base of Sesame Seed and Sunflower Oils to help further moisturize, condition and soften the skin for an ultimate youthful glow. This treatment is perfect for a bride to be before her big day.

Duration / Cost

30 min / $57

The Rahima Experience

*Antioxidant-Rich and Moisturizing - Suitable for all skin types.

Rahima means full of energy. This treatment is truly an indulgence for your senses while softening and conditioning your skin.

We begin the treatment by exfoliating you with a skin Clarifying Body Peel, containing Apricot Seed Powder which has an ultimate skin refining effect. With rhythmic massage movements, we then apply a heated antioxidant-rich oil contain Almond, Macadamia Nut and Jojoba oil with a rare Red Tulip extract. Your skin will feel firmer and velvety smooth. However, we don't stop there, we then envelop your entire body in a nourishing rich Mango Butter, which will seal in all the moisture and leave your skin feeling supple and decadent. This treatment is an escape for the body and soul.

*Treatment contains nut ingredients

Duration / Cost

60 min / $107

Calming Body Scrub

Suitable for all skin types.

This body treatment is done to promote deep sleep, help with jet lag, and provides a complete de-stress. The sweet exotic scent and pampering treatment helps to relieve physical tension and an over-stimulated mind.

To begin your Deep Sleep Experience a light massage is done on the feet and legs, moving upwards we massage your back, neck, and shoulders. A scrub is done on your full body from toes to neck to help you on your journey to calmness.

Duration / Cost

45 min / $92

Back Facial

Suitable for all skin types.

Our Back Facial is the perfect deep cleansing to properly unclog pores and remove dead skin.  During this treatment we cleanse and exfoliate the skin to remove any dead skin cells, steam is used to open the pores and facilitate in extractions to clean out the pores.  A mask is then used to remove any excess sebum and remove impurities.

Duration / Cost

45 min / $67