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Evolution 5 Treatment

The Evolution 5 machine is a great way to remove milia, broken capillaries, skin tags, and other skin issues safely. The way this treatment works is called Capillary Coalysis, the machine uses an RF current that produces a vibration of water molecules in the tissues by alternating attracting and repelling charged particles within these tissues.  The vibration causes enough heat necessary to coagulate blood in the capillaries which is called Thermocoagulation. By using a mild current to induce coagulation of the capillary, the blood thickens and the body absorbs the unused capillary. This is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t pierce the skin. Most blemishes will be removed
with one to three sessions and healing occurs within 3 - 21 days.

Evolution 5 Treatment 45

If you are looking to treat a few areas and few different concerns this treatment is perfect.

Duration / Cost

45 min / $160

Evolution 5 Treatment 30

Ideal for those needing to treat one or two areas of the face or body.

Duration / Cost

30 min / $110

Evolution 5 Treatment 15

Suitable for most people looking to treat one area of the body or face. We recommend booking a complementary consultation as well during your first visit.

Duration / Cost

15 min / $60

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Additional Information You Should Know

  • Some medications or medical conditions you have may prevent you from getting treatment. Here are some contraindications in which we cannot treat you:

  • Implantable defibrillators, cardiac pacemakers, metal implants

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • Current or past history of cancer

  • Taking blood thinners

  • Diabetic

  • Delayed healing conditions

  • Rosacea (with severe acne)

  • Infections Acne

  • To achieve the best results, please follow the at-home care your esthetician recommends.

  • Five Senses has the right to refuse service to anyone that may have a contraindication. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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