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Holiday BOGO

Happy Holidays
Buy a $150 gift certificate and get a $25 gift voucher to give as an extra gift, or gift it to yourself and treat yourself.  The gift voucher must be used by January 31, 2022.
Redeem one voucher per visit.  Only valid for Spa Services over $50.  No cash value.  Can not be combined with any other special offer, promotion or discount. Not valid date of purchase.  
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If you purchase your gift card online, we will email you your $25 gift voucher.

Gift Cards

Do your gift cards or gift certificates expire?

Our regular purchased gift cards and gift certificates do not expire. If we offer you a promotional gift card or gift certificate it may have an expiry date which is clearly defined. For example, if we offer a BOGO certificate, or birthday certificate it will come with conditions and an expiry date.

Is it better to pick a service for a gift card or a dollar amount?

It is suggested that you choose a dollar amount. Often you may pick a service and your guest may want another service or want to try something new. By choosing an amount instead of an exact service you are really offering your guest a choice of over 200 services instead of just one, giving them an opportunity to decide. Also if your guest doesn't use the gift card for a period of time, you run the risk of them having to pay for any price adjustment on the service.

Do I have to pay extra for the gift box and gift that is included?

No way! We offer the gift card in our gift box along with some chocolates and a small gift so you can hand over a gift instead of just a card. It's a win-win, and you don't even have to wrap anything!

Can I use the gift card on anything at the spa?

You can use it on all products, spa, medi-spa and men's services. It can not be used on medical services such as Chiroprator, Acupuncture or Physiotherapy. If it is used for an RMT massage, an insurance receipt will not be issued as the governing body of RMT massages the CMTO does not allow for services paid with a gift card to be claimed for insurance purposes.

I have a WAYSPA gift card - what can I use it on?

Please note that WAYSPA gift cards can be redeemed for regular priced SPA treatments only, not redeemable on any other services, specials, promotions or package priced services. When using WAYSPA gift cards, the full face value of the card is redeemed at one time, there is no carryover of funds with WAYSPA cards. We can issue a Five Senses gift card for any remaining value, but a 20% service fee will be subtracted from the remaining value. WAYSPA Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for medi-spa services, massage, chiropractor, or physio​therapy.

If I choose a service and I still have money left on the gift card what happens?

A Five Senses gift card is redeemable at anytime in full or partial amounts. The remaining amount doesn't expire and can be used at another time. The remaining amount can not be refunded back to you in cash.

Frequently Asked Questions